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    Which illnesses will be covered by my
    Over 50 Critical illness insurance

    Exactly what critical illnesses are covered?
    This really does vary between the different insurance providers so please make sure you read your policy notes (Key Notes) carefully and fully understand what you will be covered for.
    However, the FCA states that all UK insurance providers are obliged to cover certain illnesses referred to as the ‘Association of British Insurers’ or ABI for short which are Alzheimers, Blindness, Major Organ Transplant, Coronary Artery Bypass Grafts, Loss of Hands or Feet, Advanced Cancers, Third Degree Burns, Stroke, Loss of Speech, Kidney Failure, Aorta Graft Surgery, Multiple Sclerosis, Heart Attack, Parkinsons, Benign Brain Tumour, traumatic Head Injury, Coma, Deafness, Paralysis of Limbs, Heart Valve Replacement and Traumatic Head Injury.
    But again we must stipulate how important it is to check your key policy documents to see exactly which critical illnesses you will be covered for.

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