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  • Over 50 Accident, Sickness & Unemployment Insurance

    Also known as ASU cover, Redundancy Insurance and Accident Insurance.
    This UK insurance policy will cover you should you be involved in an accident, contract a sickness or become involuntary unemployed by your employer through no fault of your own such as being made redundant.
    Over 50 Accident Sicknes and Unemployment Life Insurance

    Over 50 Accident Insurance will pay out a monthly income which is tax free and can be used to pay your bills, loans, mortgage etc whilst you are on the road to recovery.

    This insurance policy usually pays out for a period of 12 to 24 months and is usually linked to your mortgage, loan repayments or income.

    Over 50 Life Insurance frequently asked questions
    Over 50 Income Protection Insurance FAQ’s

  • What is Over 50 Accident, Sickness and Unemployment Insurance?
  • How soon will Over 50 Accident, Sickness and Unemployment Life Insurance start to pay out?
  • How long do I need Over 50 Accident, Sickness & Unemployment Insurance for?

    If you would like further information or have any questions then please visit our help section by clicking the link below.
    Over 50 Life Insurance Help / FAQ’s
  • Over 50 Accident, Sickness & Unemployment Insurance

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    Being made redundant or being involved in an accident is something which we never see coming and when it happens it can be too late to cope financially with the effects it puts upon our lives.
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    Having an over 50 Accident, Sickness and Unemployment Insurance Policy in place will help you cope with the loss of income experienced should the unfortunate happen.

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