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Over 50 Life Insurance
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    Life Insurance for over 50s can sometimes be a difficult subject to think about.

    If you still have family & loved ones dependent on you then making the decision to look into getting yourself Insured could be a very wise one.

    Our online quotation form compares quotes from many of the UK’s largest insurance companies so that you don’t have to.
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    Below we list what different types of Life Insurance for over 50s are available:

    Fixed Over 50 Life Insurance
    Fixed Over 50 Life Insurance
    This life insurance policy runs for an agreed length of time (term) which is determined between you and the actual insurance company. Upon the death of the policy holder it will pay a lump sum to the family or beneficiaries of the policy. This money can be used to cover the expense of funeral / cremation costs and also to pay off any financial inconveniences you may leave behind such as a mortgage, load payments, hp agreements etc.
    It can also help those you leave behind to maintain the same standard of leaving as before the change of circumstances.
    With a fixed or term life insurance policy for over 50s, your monthly premiums will remain the same throughout the whole life of the policy.
    Please note that if this policy is taken out over a long length of time then it’s real value may decrease due to inflation.

    Increasing Over 50 Life Insurance
    Increasing Over 50 Life Insurance
    This policy is where you can increase your premiums on a yearly review basis to increase the value of your over 50 life insurance policy.
    This helps protect the value against inflation so that it remains at the same real value throughout its whole length of term.

    Decreasing Over 50 Life Insurance
    Decreasing Over 50 Life Insurance
    This is where your premiums decrease over the length of the policy and is usually used to protect your mortgage as it’s value / expense also decreases over time.

    Funeral Life Insurance For Over 50s
    Funeral Life Insurance For Over 50s
    This is simply a small life insurance policy taken out to cover funeral / cremation costs.

    Over 50 Life Insurance frequently asked questions
    Over 50 Life Insurance FAQ’s

  • Will I have to take a medical?
  • How much Over 50 Life Insurance cover do I need?
  • How long should my Over 50 Life Insurance policy run for?
  • What is the difference between Over 50 Life Insurance & Life Assurance?
  • Are you an independent life insurance broker or are you tied to one company?
  • Will tax be paid if I make a claim on my Insurance Policy?
  • Should I get a joint Over 50 Life Insurance policy or two single ones?

  • If you would like further information or have any questions then please visit our help section by clicking the link below.
    Over 50 Life Insurance Help / FAQ’s

    Over 50 Life Insurance Quotes

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    They are selected by a different number of factors including your age, location, occupation, level of covered required, type of cover required, all of which help to decide which of our trusted partners will take on your application.
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    After completion of our online over 50 life insurance quote form you will be contacted by one of our fully qualified partnered protection advisors via email or telephone to discuss your application.
    All protection advice given is of sound nature and is completely unbiased and independent.
    Here at over 50lifeinsurance4u.co.uk our partnered intermediaries provide a ‘whole of market’ comparison service to help find you the best suitable policy for your requirements.

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