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    Yes, we’re afraid that you may pay more for your over 50 life insurance if you are a smoker compared to that of a none smoker but we can still help to offer some fantastic quotes.
    Over 50 Life Insurance For Smokers
    If you have used any tobacco products including cigarettes, smoking a pipe, nicotine patches / gum, chewing tobacco or cigars in the last twelve months then you are what is classed by the insurance companies as a ‘Life Insurance Smoker’

    Because of the increased chance smokers have of dying prematurely or having a poor standard of health they are considered a greater risk of making a claim so are therefore more likely to be charged higher premiums.

    Whilst there is no avoiding this, we can still offer some fantastic rates for smokers aged over 50 looking for life insurance.

    When you complete our quotation form, our partnered intermediaries will work hard searching the market, comparing quotes from many of the UK’s largest life insurance companies to ensure they find you the most suitable policy for your circumstances and at the best possible price.

    One of their friendly, qualified advisers will then contact you via email or telephone to talk through the whole process of applying for over 50 smokers life insurance.

    This protection advice will be provided on a qualified basis and be completely independent and none biased.

    Over 50 Life Insurance frequently asked questions
    Over 50 Income Protection Insurance FAQ’s

  • Will I pay more for my over 50 life insurance as a smoker?
  • How can I reduce the cost of my premiums?
  • I have just recently given up smoking, am I now classed as a none smoker?

  • Over 50 Smokers Life Insurance

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    If you can’t give up smoking then other ways you may be able to reduce your premiums is to live a healthier lifestyle with a well balanced diet and take exercise. You can also make sure you obtain your over 50 life insurance for smokers quotes through independent brokerages/intermediaries such as our partners who can compare quotes from the whole of the market.

    If you would like further information or have any questions then please visit our help section by clicking the link below
    Over 50 Life Insurance Help / FAQ’s

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